Cloud Services

eCruise is proud to deliver a robust set of Cloud Services which provide our customers a “test lab in the sky”. A complete environment which your IT team can use to test out new versions of Oracle Hospitality Cruise software, allowing your IT resources to focus on what they do best. Our cloud environments can be setup in a variety of configurations, from a simple client server test to a full end-to-end, full duplex ship-to-shore configuration. Additionally, we are able to clone these environments and spin them up very quickly to meet your tight testing deadlines and special situations that arise unexpectedly.

Key Features of eCruise Cloud Test Lab Services

  • Mitigate or reduce infrastructure overhead by replacing your existing outdated test environment with our professionally managed virtual lab environment.
  • Virtual environments accurately reproduce your existing production environment in design and configuration, or future designs can be built on the fly.
  • Completely configurable and customizable. Granular control over internal operation, connectivity, as well as customized port configuration and Virtual LAN segments.
  • Turnkey solution that allows your testing team the ability to spool up a new laboratory designed for your specific environment on demand.
  • Environments can be retained, cloned, and clustered for future testing and expansion.