Database Management

The successful implementation of Oracle Hospitality Cruise products depends upon the reliable and trustworthy performance of the Oracle database which powers it. eCruise has experienced Oracle database administrators who understand the Oracle Hospitality Cruise product line and how it interacts with the database.

Often software application issues appear to be database issues. It is important the database administrator know the software to avoid the seemingly endless loop of “it's not a database problem” vs “it's not a software issue”. eCruise has many years of experience navigating these waters, which ensures timely resolution to your most challenging issues.

eCruise database management services also includes the quarterly database patches from Oracle. This ensures your ships are kept compliant with the latest security updates.

Key Features of eCruise Database Management Services

  • On-call, proactive and responsive.
  • Weekly connected database health check.
  • Monthly status report with summary of activities.
  • Quarterly Oracle database security patches included.
  • 24x7 support line. Email or International phone number or Skype.
  • Professional, fully qualified DBAs answering support calls who know the Fidelio database and infrastructure as well as the special needs of the shipboard environment.
  • 24x7 automated database Monitoring (backup, storage, performance, backup/recover, Data Guard synchronization)
  • 20% discount off published rates for additional database project work (installs, upgrades, server moves, etc.)
  • Always free recommendations on architecture and infrastructure changes.
  • Any support call considered a database issue will be investigated until a root cause is found.
  • Immediate, direct connect to ship to resolve issues in a timely manner.

Detail of eCruise Database Management Services

eCruise Responsibility Description
Performance tuning Investigating and resolving performance issues either reported by the customer or found through proactive monitoring.
Resolving database errors Researching and providing workarounds or permanent solutions for database errors either reported by the application or found though database health checks.
Database storage maintenance Adding or modifying tablespaces as necessary to maintain a healthy quantity of space allocated to the database for growth.
Troubleshooting SQL*Net connection errors Investigating and identifying the cause of database connection issues.
Proactive monitoring of database server Operating System space usage. Automated monitoring of physical storage on the database server. Ensuring that operating system and oracle installation drives have sufficient space for normal operations. Ensuring database drives have adequate room for expanding the database if necessary.
Monitoring RMAN backups Automated monitoring of RMAN backups to ensure they are performed successfully and backup files are suitable for recovery of the database if necessary. Fixing any issues or obtaining infrastructure changes if necessary 24x7.
Monitoring recovery space Routine checking of archivelog storage space and that backup procedures are successfully removing obsolete archivelogs. Fixing any issues or obtaining infrastructure changes if necessary 24x7.
Database recovery from backups Restoring a new database from the backup files and recent archivelogs. Recovery to point in time just before failure.
Managing and installing Oracle Critical Patch updates Installing latest tested Oracle Critical Patch Updates on a quarterly basis. These updates will be tested internally prior to deployment.
Dataguard synchronization monitoring Automated real time checking of dataguard server to ensure logs are consistently applied to dataguard and the standby database is up to date.
Switchover or failover to Dataguard standby Performing switchover or failover from primary database to dataguard standby database.
Forecasting future storage requirements Routine analysis of storage usage and identifying future physical storage required.
24x7 support line for database issues, triage of actual problem. Professional DBA on call 24x7 with specific knowledge of Oracle Cruise databases and ready to connect. Anything considered a potential database issue will be investigated until a root cause is found.
Weekly database health check Physically logging into each database and checking alert logs, performance stats, optimizer statistics jobs, etc. Fixing any issues or obtaining infrastructure resources if necessary to resolve the issue.
Managing external read-only database accounts Adding, deleting, and managing passwords for external users with read-only database accounts.
Monthly report detailing activities Monthly report per fleet for all database administration activities performed.