We’ve established a structured quarterly release schedule to ensure you receive regular updates, enhancements, and new features. Our quarterly releases are planned for January, April, July, and October. Check out the list below for available releases and details about the upcoming release.

eCruise Mobile Suite New Generation

Upcoming release

Upcoming Release Notes – Subject to change

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  • Improved Gangway move
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v1.0.4.59 Beta

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v1.0.4.59 – Release Notes

  • Renamed Check-in application to ‘eCruise Mobile Suite’ (‘Mobile Suite’ under launcher icon)
  • Enabled camera button functionality on Single Person’s View in Health check mode
  • Adjusted the shape of the font size of very long names on devices with small screens on Single Person’s View page
  • Adjusted the filter logic on Single Person’s View page
  • Certificate is renamed to Birth Certificate
  • Changed Check-In + Healthcheck Flow to now starts with Health Check steps followed by document screen
  • Scaled Signature Boxes
  • Removed Emergency Contact from Documents List
  • Applied the gangway sound in Gangway Mode
  • Applied sound the Check-In is Completed
  • Removed Document Number and Issue Place from Birth Certificate
  • Adjusted Health Check Incomplete Status. The Person is now not allowed to check-in or gangway if health check was incomplete or failed. It can also be configured from the server
  • Settings section now shows the connected backend version and well as mobile app’s version
  • “Routed to” passenger is now shown on the CC routed screen
  • Warning message for “Send Logs” option in offline mode is now displayed
  • Improved quality of the photo taken from Checkin app
  • Disabled the “Accept Cruise Contract” option in the edit view for the cases when the person is not checked-in
  • Adjusted the Movement flow to not be allowed if the photo is missing
  • Adjustments to Server registration screen – Long domain name moved out the DN/IP buttons
  • Enhanced log-in via barcode/RFID scanning logic due to not fetched updates in logged-out state/screen
  • Enable/disable parameter on the backend to allow to make a Check-in or gangway movement if health check was incomplete or failed
  • Added additional log info about time settings’ mismatches
  • Fixed cases when after edit of the passenger’s name and information is replaced with UNKNOWN
  • Improved logic of Passport and Visa scanning
  • Fixed Crashes during Gangway + Quick HealthCheck Mode switching
  • Fixed infinite loading when trying to send logs after internet interruption
  • Fixed connection to the server after restoring internet connection
  • Fixed missing Signature in Credit Card tab on Fidelio dashboard after completing check for a new user
  • Gangway Mode – implemented an ability to scan the next person automatically
  • CC routing changes in Fidelio are now syncing to CheckIn
  • Fixed app hangings on splash screen after double tap Cancel button on the search pane
v1.0.3.48 Beta


v1.0.3.48 – Release Notes

  • Refactored and improved the Import/Export workflow. Details are outlined below.
  • Added a tutorial to the Import/Export page on the Admin Panel.
  • Investigated and applied enhancements for multi-lingual support in the document templates on the Admin Panel.
  • Added support for custom font packages to be used in HQ templates.
  • Added people statistics in the local DB for the Admin Panel.
  • Added the ability to disable the email sending functionality.
  • Implemented automatic Daemons restart after updating email settings.
  • Displayed an alert/warning after updating email settings on the Admin Panel.
  • Changed “BoardingIssue” to “BoardingAlert” on the Admin Panel.
  • Implemented notification to the user after changing their profile.
  • Adjusted the display of a drop-down list of buttons (“Admin” and “Logout”) in the foreground on the Users and Groups settings sections on the Admin Panel.
  • Created the “Mobile” user role to be used when creating mobile users.
  • Added the possibility to get the user role and present it in the filter and the user creation form on the Admin Panel.
  • Added a “Reset PDF” button for document templates and added a ‘language’ parameter for PDF document preview.
  • Added the A4 paper size selection to the settings on the Admin Panel.
  • Adjusted the logic for the travel documents component and added loaders for opening modal windows on the Admin Panel.
  • Improved TravelDocument Sync functionality by adding the ability to skip PDF files.
  • Added the ability to configure custom (self-signed) SSL certificates for requests.
  • Handled SSL certificates depending on the use case on the Admin Panel.
  • Updated the status of the Import from Shoreside to Shipside operation without refreshing the page.
  • Improved the MobileSuite database structure.
  • Applied permanent showing of the PreRegistered Credit Card Screen if a person has any credit card and the PreRegisteredCCVerificationScreen setting is enabled in the Mobile app.
  • Investigated and corrected check-in transaction failure with the error “Guest is under the required age to travel.” Set up new settings Min Person Age for Check-In based on MinAgeForDomesticTravel (Fidelio) and MinAgeForInternationalTravel (Fidelio) and TravelType. Depending on TravelType, the Mobile app will now use one of Fidelio’s settings.
  • Corrected the issue with the blank Signature field when adding a credit card in the Mobile app.
  • Implemented driving license barcode scanning with automatic data decoding and filling in appropriate fields in the Mobile app.
  • Investigated issues with reading the MRZ fields on the newer passports with a reflective MRZ page. As a result, front-camera scanning for passports has been implemented.
  • Handled HTML text direction/position for document templates in the Mobile app.
  • Improved updating permissions on the iPad in the case of changing a user between groups with different permissions in the Mobile app.
  • Handled HTML text direction/position for document templates in the Mobile app.
  • Resolved the issue when filtering by date did not return correct results in certain scenarios on the Travel Docs section on the Admin Panel.
  • Resolved app crashing during Soft reset app syncing after approximately 50%.
  • Resolved the issue when Birth Nation was not updating correctly when scanning a passport in the Mobile app.

eCruise Mobile Suite Legacy

v4.1.1 Production

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v4.1.1 – Release Notes

  • Added an alert message when deleting is not allowed on the Admin panel.
  • Adjusted Mobile account management issues:
    • Ability to change user group – The selection was coming up as a free text box previously.
    • Ability to delete group resolved – When the delete button is pressed – Error “Failed to delete group.
    • Adjusted page numbers when an account is more than 10 or 100.
  • Adjusted pagination on Mobile Accounts Management section.
  • Logged-in user name adjustment under “Device Info Logs”.
  • Implemented the ability to change display times from UTC to local server time (Full sync completion, App History page, Devices operation time).
  • Adjusted a free text box back to the dropdown box.
  • Improved the logic that was causing irregular transactions to endless processing after clearing a huge amount of stress-test transactions.
  • Added additional log collecting in order to investigate transactions queue processing interval.
  • Added transactions queue processing interval into web config.
  • Added “Kosovo” country name to the list of countries.
  • Updated database migrations names.
  • Fixed pagination on all tables related to the Account option.
v3.7.1 Production

Click or scan the QR code from the mobile device to download

v3.7.1 – Release Notes

  • Implemented SeaCare integration flow for obtaining Health Questionnaire by SC Middleware from Seacare (Some details have been discussed in Jira ticket)
  • [CheckinAPI] Added new parameter and separate table in db on CheckinAPI side
  • [CheckinAPI] Added API to send transactions on SC Middleware
  • [CheckinAPI] Added API to get transactions result from SC Middleware
  • [CheckinAPI] Added API to get questionnaire from SC Middleware
  • [CheckinAPI] Added new logic for transactions executing
  • [CheckinAPI] Added a support of switching between the existing Checkin-based Health Questionnaire mechanism and new SeaCare/SC Middleware-based Health Questionnaire mechanism
  • [SC Middleware] Implemented obtaining questionnaire by SC Middleware from Seacare
  • [SC Middleware] Connected new API for transferring data to Checkin
  • [SC Middleware] Support of different replies types set on SeaCare
  • [SC Middleware] Sending HQ replies to SeaCare
  • [SC Middleware] Receiving successful or Fail response from SeaCare and transferring it to Checkin
  • [SCMiddleware] Added switch for different HQ codes in settings
  • [SCMiddleware] Ability to customize email subject line on expired tokens (Details have been discussed in Jira ticket)
  • Applied adjustments to Clean Devices option/button
  • Implemented Health Check Alert Functionality
  • Added Health Check Module Default Filter
  • Made server Status Visible on the Main Screen in Mobile Suite app
  • Multiple Visa Entry is now Supported
  • Added warning at Start of CheckIn in case of Health Check Incomplete Status
  • Applied server/app compatibility verification at startup
  • Implemented mechanism to easily update Fidelio password from the admin panel
  • Added cruise Health Check / Deny Boarding Bypass
  • Added “LAST successful Full Sync completed” date/time stamp on the UI
  • Moved Vaccine code to the Dose object
  • Added a new transaction with vaccination information
  • Added a new SCTransaction
  • Expanded the user model in databases
  • Added a validator for the incoming transaction
  • Added database migration
  • Extended the response model for SeaCare
  • Admin panel. Added device setting to set enable/disable of COVID-19 vaccination information capturing
  • Admin panel. Added device setting for Covid Vaccine Card Evidence
  • Admin panel. Added device setting for Covid Disease Report
  • Admin panel. Added device setting for Covid Serology Evidence
  • Admin panel. Added device setting for Medical contraindication to vaccination
  • Admin panel. Added device setting for Vaccination Doses
  • Implemented a new Step in Checkin Wizard – implement new UI in Mobile Suite app
  • Added a new Step in Checkin Wizard, implemented a business logic, added new Setting to enable/disable this step in Mobile Suite app
  • Connected new API for posting new data about vaccination in Mobile Suite app
  • Added a possibility to take a photo of the COVID-19 vaccination/evidence in Mobile Suite app
  • Implemented user management functionality
v3.2.1 Production

Click or scan the QR code from the mobile device to download

v3.2.1 – Release Notes

  • Optimized transactions processing calls by setting up calling API “AcknowledgmentTransactionsResults” only if requestConfirmation transactions available, instead of calling every 10 seconds.
  • Optimized logic of transitions between screens in case of the future functionality extension Enhancements in CheckinAPI.
  • Added info with the last update counts time.
  • Improved counts update logic – auto-update counts will be called every time the screen appears.
  • Extended Mobile Suite app logging to record more user actions during app usage; refactored the logging part in general.

New updated Checkin API includes the following add-ons and improvements:

  • There was an excess of the maximum pool while connecting to the database (standard default value is 100). Therefore, to solve the problem, it was decided to increase the maximum pool size to 200. The value of Max Pool Size = 200 can be used as a default on other deployed services, and it will not adversely affect their work. It increases the maximum number of connections allowed in the connection pool for this specific connection string. We suggest implementing this solution on all ships.
  • Improvements in regards to memory have been reviewed and refactored. As a result, data models coming from the database have been changed. Currently, the number of fields coming from the database has been changed in problematic functional blocks. This is made to save memory within the application and transferring data over the network from the database to CheckinAPI service.
  • Changed the way of requests to the database to direct SQL queries in one of the APIs.
  • Assigned failed status with proper reason notification for the transactions that were already in the local DB in order to avoid storing them in Unidentified status.
  • Added informational notifications during the update of the parameters triggering devices clearing from the DB.
  • Implemented automatic clearing of processed SeaCare transactions from the DB.
  • Increased the speed of database queries by refactoring the database queries in a way that instead of a few queries, our service will send a small batch of bigger queries (2-3).
  • Increased the max allowed size of the changes package from 0.5 Mb to 1 Mb between the mobile client and Checkin backend.
  • Adjusted the logic of blocking the data sync during the embarkation. We will force the data sync on all devices after the full sync performed on the Checkin Admin panel and allow blocking data sync only if it had been performed at least 1 time after the full sync. This improvement will eliminate the following cases:
    • Potential system overload with deltas if the device will be unblocked during the embarkation or other activities.
    • The data loss on the devices in a case when CheckinAPI will have a synced DB from Fidelio which will differ from the DB on the iOS device (as deltas will come to the device only for those passengers which matches with both DBs).

    All listed above changes should reduce the risk of Server CPU overload and CheckIn service failures.

  • Integrated a new library for sending emails over SMTP and added new Settings to configure email credentials on admin panel instead of the config file for sending Cruise Contract to email.
  • Fixed “0” counts values issues in Mobile Suite app by showing the Error notification.
  • Fixed bottom menu panel overlaps on edit driver’s license on iPod.
  • Resolved issue with the service stuck (Infinity loading) during a Full Sync (when Fidelio had duplications in Res_acc_ID and Checkin was looping during a full sync).
  • Reproduced and fixed the issue when Checkin Status filter settings saved in Check-In app mode were also applying in Gangway mode.
  • Temp check screen – fixed oximeter data view for iPod.